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The power is indicated for three-phase motors. If you have a single-phase motor, then you need to choose a higher power level. For example, for a 2.2 kW single-phase motor, you should select the 3.3 kW tab.
Is it possible to connect the windings of the motor in a triangle, instead of a star, as for 380 Volts?
"Check that you have a standard 220/380V motor, and the windings are star-connected"?

About us and why us

AS Privyd is a Ukrainian manufacturer. The company specializes in the development and production of frequency converters for three-phase asynchronous electric motors. The first converters of our company began to enter the market of converting equipment of Ukraine in 2006. During this time, three series of frequency converters with a power range of electric motors covering from 0.18 kW to 11 kW were developed and put into production.

Our company continuously works to improve the quality of manufactured products both at the stage of assembly and at the stage of designing and modernizing our devices.

We carefully monitor the compliance of our converters with the declared technical characteristics, which is why each converter, after assembly, undergoes many hours of testing in various operating modes, and only after that it arrives on the store shelves.

The project department of our company works to ensure that the produced converters keep up with the times and are acceptable to our customers not only in terms of price, but also in terms of their functionality and safety margin. To do this, we regularly update the hardware base of converters in accordance with the latest trends in the industrial electronics market, we work on improving the software, we try to take into account and implement in the devices the wishes and comments of users of our equipment.

Many years of production experience and respect for our customers’ choices are supported by a 24-month warranty for each frequency converter produced.

Products of our company will be interesting for use in such industries as woodworking, chemical and textile industry, pulp and paper production, food processing and production, cable production, metallurgical industry, utility and agriculture, machine building, machine tool building and other fields of folk economy.

We invite private manufacturers and enterprises of any scale and form of ownership to mutually beneficial cooperation.

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